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Arcon 9 [REPACK Full Version]14


Lastly, to confirm inhibition by direct measurementof productformation, we performed radioactive ATP (32P-γ-ATP)assays using T1. Briefly, we incubated full-length PknG with its naturalsubstrate GarA, a mixture of cold and hot ATP and different concentrationsof T1 in the micromolar range at 37 C. We found that T1 decreasedthe amount of phosphorylated GarA in a concentration-dependent wayin the micromolar range with a relative half inhibitory concentration(IC50) of 5.8 μM (Figure S9). Additionally, we performed the same assay with the known ligandAX20017 and found that it has similar potency with a relative IC50 of 0.9 μM, which is in high agreement with previousmeasurements (Figure S9).31

Projectdesignwas performed by M.A.M. and A.G.T. Resources, funding acquisition,and supervision were carried out by X.B., M.A.M., N.L.T., M.M.G.A.,and A.G.T. The MD simulations in mixed solvents were performed byL.A.D. and J.P.A. The initial docking using rDock and dynamic undockingwere performed by E.D.L. with help from X.B. The expression and purificationof full-length PknG, GarA, and PknGΔTPRΔ73 was performedby O.B., L.A.D., and J.P.A. The end point kinase inhibition assayswere performed by O.B. with help from J.P.A. The synthesis of ligandsS1 and S2 was pefrormed by G.G. with help from J.R. Fluorescence quenching,ITC, and DSF experiments were performed by O.B. Assays with radioactiveA.T.P. were performed by O.B. with help from M.D.T. and D.W. Crystalswere grown by L.A.D. and O.B. Crystal shooting and data collectionwas performed by I.B. and model building by L.A.D. PknGΔTPRΔ73mutants were designed, expressed, and purified by O.B. and L.A.D.Macrophage infection assays were performed by C.B.M. and N.L.T. Alldata analysis was mainly carried out by O.B. with help from the otherauthors. The first draft was written by O.B., L.A.D., and A.G.T. andfurther edited by all authors.

A survey to determine the type of articulators used in teaching fixed and removable prosthodontics in the 59 United States dental schools was conducted. Of 115 questionnaires mailed, 104 responses were received. The following observations resulted from analysis of the questionnaire. Of the 81 articulators used in fixed and removable prosthodontics, 65 (76.5%) were of the arcon design. The most common articulators used were the Whip-Mix (16 schools), the Hanau 158 (14 schools), the Hanau 96 H-2 (13 schools), and the Denar Mark II (11 schools). The most common articulators used in fixed prosthodontic programs were the Whip-Mix (16) and the Denar Mark II (11), while the most common articulators for removable prosthodontics were the Hanau 158 (14) and the Hanau 96 H-2 (13). Twenty-two schools issued two articulators of different design, and three schools issued two articulators of the same design. The outstanding difference in requirements for fixed and removable prosthodontic teaching programs was that those in fixed prosthodontics desired an articulator in which the maxillary and mandibular members could be separated, while those in removable prosthodontics did not.

Arkhan was a former hired killer who was imprisoned and nearly beaten to death in an attempted forced conversion by a religious cult. Arkhan was able to break his chains and murder his captors, aided by visions and power granted to him by the five headed chromatic dragon goddess, Tiamat.[7] Thus, the (third level) Paladin chose to become an Oathbreaker and took up worship of the Scaled Tyrant.[8]

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