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Command Performance Full Movie Hd !!TOP!! Download


Command Performance Full Movie Hd !!TOP!! Download

Compare typical online activities with the minimum download speed (Megabits per second, or Mbps) needed for adequate performance for each application. Additional speed may enhance performance. Speeds are based on running one activity at a time.

Read this whole document before starting this project. There is a lot ofvaluable information here, including the Final Comments section at the bottom.Congratulations, you are opening your own video rental store!You' signed a contract with a content provider that has videos of all the movies in the IMDB database, and you will resell these videos to your customers.Your store allows customers to search the IMDB movie database, then rent movies (which we assume are delivered by the content provider; we don't do this part in the project).After renting a movie, the customer may watch it as many times as she wants, until she decides to "return" it to your store. You need to keep track of which customers are currently renting what movies.There are two important restrictions: Your contract with the content provider allows you to rent each movie to at most one customer at any time. The movie needs to be first returned before you may rent it again to another customer (or the same customer). Your own business model imposes a second restriction: your store is based on subscriptions (much like Netflix), allowing customers to rent up to a maximum number of movies, depending on their rental plan. Once they reach that number you will deny them more rentals, until they return a movie. You offer a few different rental plans, each with its own monthly fee and maximum number of movies.In this homework, you have two main tasks. The first is to design a database of your customers.The second taskis to complete a working prototype of your video store application that connects to the database then allows the customer to use a command-lineinterface to search, rent, and return movies.We have already provided code for a complete UI and partial back end; you will implement the rest of the back end.In real-life, you would develop a Web-based interface instead of a command-line interface, but we use a command-line interface to simplify this homework.Task 0: Running the starter code (0 points) Your system will be a Java application. Download the starter code files; you will see the following the command-line interface to your video store; calls into to run customer code to run customer transactions against your database, such as renting and returning a file containing settings to connect to the customer and IMDB databases. You need to edit it before running the starter code.sqljdbc4.jar: the JDBC to SQL Server driver. This tells Java how to connect to a SQL Azure database server, and needs to be in your CLASSPATH (see below)sqljdbc.jar: the JDBC to SQL Server driver for older versions of Java. Use this driver only if the other one does not work for you. To run the starter code, run javac and java from the command line (you can download the Java JDK here if you do not already have it). It should be easy enough to run the project using Eclipse or any other Java IDE (see below for some starting tips), but you are somewhat on your own if you want to do that. Please use the discussion board to trade hints and ideas if you have problems doing that.You also need to access the IMDB database on SQL Azure from Homework 3. Modify with your username and password for SQL Azure. This allows your java program to connect to the database on SQL Azure. You are now ready to try the starter code. Please follow the instructions for your platform as shown in the table below. The last command launches the starter code. Normally, you run it like this:

If you got an error message about the JDBC driver when running the above, try to use the older driver sqljdbc.jar instead of sqljdbc4.ja

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