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Ujanah Eperezc
Ujanah Eperezc

WORK Full Movie Aku Bukan Tomboy


If before, the young director and producer Syamsul Yusof been known to form action films such as KL Drift Evolution and Bohsia but different genre of films about the direction this time.For the first time Syamsul challenge from his father, who is a director and producer, Datuk Yusof Haslam to bring about a romantic comedy, I do not Tomboy.Syamsul found after the launch I was not in plain Employee Tomboy Finas, Ampang recently told why he decided to accept the film."Actually, I think going to do at the old form of comedy movies like this. Coincidently, my father expressed his desire to have me directing the film from script writing, I do not Tomboy. I also continue to meet this challenge."I say frankly, I do not want to focus on only one film genre and wanted to prove that I can master all the genres of films and became a versatile directors in the future," he said.Having acted and directed film I'm Not Tomboy, real Syamsul has now fallen to form a comedy film and I'm not rowdy comedy Tomboy not last."What can I say, I'm not directing films Tomboy is very different from my films before. somewhat different because it is more than the way the script and the actors themselves, and depending on the situation at that time."If before I was directing the action film is in a somewhat depressed and serious but also when they are in different locations of this film. In our set a lot of laughs and fun I ordered with the actress-actors 'crazy'. I believe that if given opportunity to direct a comedy film again I would not miss it, "he said.According to Syamsul again, the movie I'm Not Tomboy will not only break even the issue of women's issues pengkid tomboy who likes to keep the heart to race."Before this we look at the film displays a lot of tomboy in the film their issues. But for this film, I will reveal how pengkid feelings when they really fall in love with the people they are similar."In this story, a group trying to lure Scha pengkid who played the tomboy. Continue to be frank I say you are sure you will be surprised by the appearance of bias AF because it is very different from the actual personal bias," said Syamsul.Scha SWalaupun characters like boyish character who never bring it before this, Syamsul stressed that there will be variations in appearance Scha this time."I'm proud of Scha because he has managed to bring her tomboy character different from what we had never seen her acting before. Coupled with the assistance of other actors who have turned this movie again," he saidMeanwhile, Syamsul the first time also appeared and collaborated with the actor and president of the Artists Harun Salim Bachik produce pleasure and nice to work with the old cast."I have no problem working with Harun Salim Bachik. I was impressed with the most experienced, particularly in bringing the characters of comedy. dengannnya fact, I learned a lot in acting,"said Syamsul.I'm Not a Tomboy is expected to appear in front of the third film in this Syamsul after superstition, and KL Gangstar."God willing, I will not run Tomboy on the end of next year, that even after the myth and KL Gangstar, aired in February and June next year," he said.Besides Scha Al-Yahya and Harun Salim Bachik film starring actors such as Sam Shaheizy, Eira Syazira, sheera Iskandar, Salina Saibi, Zarina and Syamsul own.The film tells the story I'm Not Tomboy Tomboy girl who was raised by her father after her mother sincechildhood. In spite of this the heart of a tomboy girl he was to keep the heart to a man, just like other normal girls. Finally, without realizing he was in percitaan triangle between the two boys for the Harry and Burn.Malay films coming soon...... 1e1e36bf2d

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