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Photo Frame Love-PSD


Here you have some of the most beautiful photo manipulation tutorials for Valentine's Day that I am sure you will enjoy. The collection includes love inspired tutorials for photo manipulations only. You can check out one of aour revious list si you are looking for Valentine wallpapers tutorials (that collection also includes some amazing love text effects, greeting cards, heart vectors and so on.)

In this Photoshop tutorial, we're going to look at how easy it is to create rounded photo corners. As with most things in Photoshop, there's about 17 different ways to create rounded corners, but we're going to make things interesting by looking at a way to do it using something in Photoshop that many people don't even know about - vector masks! What's a vector mask Well, if you think layer masks are fun (you do think layer masks are fun, right), you're going to love vector masks!

Okay, so that may be exaggerating things a bit, but rounded corners definitely look more appealing to us than sharp right angles. It's a bit unfortunate then that every time we take a photo, even if it's a photo of a kid's birthday party with balloons and party hats, the photo still ends up with sharp corners. That may be fine if we're simply getting the photos printed, but what if we want to use the photo in a design or a collage How do we convert those sharp corners into round ones

I've opened a new blank Photoshop document, filled the Background layer with black to help make it easier for us to see what's happening, and then dragged my photo into the new document. We can see the document here, showing the photo in front of the black background:

All we have to do now is drag out our shape. Even though it's going to look to us like we're drawing the shape on the image itself, what we're really doing is drawing it on the vector mask, and when we're done, the only part of our photo that will remain visible is the area inside the shape. Everything outside of the shape will be hidden. Go ahead and drag out your rounded rectangle shape. If you want to keep everything in the photo and simply round off the corners, start in the top left corner of the photo and drag your mouse down to the bottom right. If you'd rather use the shape to crop away part of the photo as well as give it rounded corners, simply drag your shape around the area you want to keep.

Just because the corners of our photo are now rounded doesn't mean we can't still add a photo border to it. It just means the corners of the border will be rounded as well! To add a border, click on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the Layers palette:

And there we have it! That's how incredibly easy it is to give a photo rounded corners in Photoshop using a vector mask and the Rounded Rectangle Tool! Visit our Photo Effects section for more Photoshop effects tutorials!

This is yet another Mockup World exclusive! So, look forward to downloading these ten high-res PSD photo mockups. We put everything in this free bundle. All images may be used without restrictions in your private and commercial projects.

After you open Photoshop, click File > Import > Video Frames to Layers. This will make it so that each frame in the video will exist as its own layer, making it easier to edit your soon-to-be GIF. For this tutorial, we used this clip of a man running and jumping on the beach.

After you import your video, a window pops up that allows you to adjust the length of your GIF. Adjust the in-point and out-point by dragging the markers underneath the timeline. You can also adjust the number of frames you want to import. The more frames you skip, the choppier the GIF will be. Importing every two frames will give it that authentic GIF feel, but no two GIFs are the same.

The next step is to adjust the speed of your GIF. You can do this by highlighting all of the frames in the timeline window within Photoshop and clicking on the scroll down button at the bottom of a frame panel. This setting is completely up to you

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