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Job Simulator

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Today I went to a job simulator ran by robots using virtual reality. Yes, it was exactly what it sounds like. The simulator provided realistic imitations of a variety of jobs. When I put on the Oculus Quest headset, I entered the simulator. Upon entry, I was immediately greeted by a floating computer robot. The robot told me that his name was job bot. Job bot then let me know that he would be my tour guide throughout my time in the job simulator. The place and scenery of the simulator was nothing short of amazing.

I went through the resumes in the drawer below my desk and hired two people. I continued to collect about five more assignment cards and followed their instructions. Finally, I got a promotion. The virtual boss gave me a name plate with my new rank on it. Then I realized that my work in the office would never come to an end. There was always a new assignment for me to do. Noticing that, I went back to the main menu. When I got there, I saw the job cartridge tray again. I grabbed the convenience store one, put it in the simulator machine, and pulled the lever.

When I got to the store, Job bot greeted me and told me to always keep the customers that come in happy. I started to look around and noticed that I was behind the desk of the store counter. Outside I could see the cars passing by. Inside I saw that it was a pretty small store. The store had about three isles, an ATM machine, and also a restroom. The restrooms were unique because one of them said humans and the other said bots. The first order of business was to turn on the security cameras and clean up the trash that was left on the table. Then I opened up my store and took the first customer. After satisfying about five different customers, I felt like I really knew what it was like to be a store clerk. Then it was time to leave the job simulator, but I knew that the experience would never leave me. Being in the job simulator was the most interesting VR experience yet. If anyone wants to know what it is like to do certain jobs, I would recommend they try Job Simulator VR.

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