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Sonivox Reggaeton - Instrumento Virtual

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Sonivox Reggaeton - Instrumento Virtual

SONiVOX Reggaeton: The Ultimate Virtual Instrument for Latin Beats

If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use virtual instrument to create professional reggaeton beats, look no further than SONiVOX Reggaeton. This software is designed to give you everything you need to produce authentic and modern reggaeton tracks, with over 300 instruments and pad layouts, a selection of loops and construction kits, and a bilingual user interface that supports MIDI keyboards and MPC pad controllers.

In this article, we will review the main features and benefits of SONiVOX Reggaeton, and show you how to get started with this amazing virtual instrument.

What is SONiVOX Reggaeton

SONiVOX Reggaeton is a sound module plugin that works with any VST, AU or AAX compatible host software. It is based on the popular reggaeton genre, which originated in Puerto Rico and combines elements of Latin American music, dancehall, hip hop, and rap.

Reggaeton is characterized by its distinctive rhythm pattern, known as dembow, which consists of a kick drum on the first beat, a snare on the third beat, and a syncopated hi-hat pattern. Reggaeton also features a variety of instruments and sounds, such as synth basses and leads, percussion, horns, guitars, pianos, vocals, and effects.

SONiVOX Reggaeton provides you with all the tools you need to create your own reggaeton beats, with high-quality sounds and loops that cover a wide range of styles and subgenres. Whether you want to make classic reggaeton, urban reggaeton, pop reggaeton, or tropical reggaeton, you will find everything you need in SONiVOX Reggaeton.

What are the main features of SONiVOX Reggaeton

SONiVOX Reggaeton has many features that make it stand out from other virtual instruments. Here are some of the highlights:

7 Gigabytes of Premium Instrument and Loop Content: SONiVOX Reggaeton includes over 300 patches and pad layouts of pure reggaeton pulse. You can choose from a variety of instruments and sounds that are expertly crafted to yield the utmost in fidelity and performance. You can also use the loop-based construction kits that are professionally produced and organized by reggaeton producer Michael Cipriano.

16 User Programmable and Assignable Pads: SONiVOX Reggaeton allows you to quickly and easily create MPC style beat construction using the 16 pads that can be programmed and assigned to any instrument or loop. You can also use the keys mode to play the pads with your MIDI keyboard.

Over 50 Pad Layouts: SONiVOX Reggaeton comes with over 50 pad layouts that are ready to use for different types of reggaeton beats. You can also create your own custom layouts for maximum workflow impact.

MIDI Learn & Save Functionality: SONiVOX Reggaeton is instantly compatible with any MIDI controller. You can use the MIDI learn function to assign any parameter to any knob or slider on your controller. You can also save your MIDI mappings for future use.

Independent Zone Tempo-Sync'd Variable Resolution Roll/Retrigger Mode: SONiVOX Reggaeton lets you add some spice to your beats by using the roll/retrigger mode. This mode allows you to repeat any pad at different speeds and resolutions, creating interesting rhythmic variations. You can also sync the roll/retrigger mode to the tempo of your host software.

Onboard FX and Graphic Equalizer: SONiVOX Reggaeton gives you access to a range of onboard effects that can enhance your sounds. You can use reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, bit crusher, filter, and compressor. You can also use the graphic equalizer to adjust the frequency balance of your sounds.

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