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Using the same Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging database, Carter et al further evaluated the association of baseline PSA, age, and prostate cancer detection. [35] They conducted a prospective study of men aged 60-65 years who underwent serial PSA testing. These men were observed until they either were diagnosed with prostate cancer or reached age 75 years. The time of cancer detection was defined as the date on which a PSA level above 4.0 was detected.

Before the SATA standard was developed, Molex was a common power standard found in almost every computer. Molex was most frequently used with drives and readers like CD-ROM discs and DVD drives. It is easy to identify a Molex cable due to its common 4-pin design. To convert data from a Molex drive or to power a Molex drive using a 15-pin SATA power adapter source, you need a 4-pin Molex adapter. Check out other data adapters if you need one for serial cable and data port outputs.

Blunt thoracic trauma (related to motor vehicle accidents, falls, and sports injuries), post-surgical, and infection are the most common cause of the pseudoaneurysms of the heart or the thoracic aorta [31]. Pseudoaneurysms can be complicated with fatal rupture, fistula formation, and compression of surrounding structures (Fig. 7). Overt free rupture can occur due to complete disruption of all of three layers of the aortic wall leading to massive hematoma with resultant hemodynamic instability. Patients with an aortic pseudoaneurysm are characterized on imaging with perivascular hematoma sealed off by periaortic structures like mediastinum, pleura, or pericardium. Non-contrast scan is helpful to identify areas of contrast enhancement and to differentiate pseudoaneurysm from calcifications and prior surgical changes. Management of aortic pseudoaneurysm involves either endovascular intervention or open surgical repair and is independent of its size [14]. Rarely, cardiac pseudoaneurysm may be managed medically with serial imaging surveillance [31]. 1e1e36bf2d

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