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Move Ya Body - Nina Sky

Move Ya Body - Nina Sky -

NEW YORK — Natalie and Nicole Albino, the 18-year-old twin duo who make up Nina Sky, insist that they\'re now tempting flash-in-the-pan fate with their infectious radio and club favorite, "Move Ya Body."Harmonizing over a popular Caribbean dance track known in dancehall reggae circles as the "Coolie riddim," the Puerto Rican sisters have already been compared to another teen Latina overnight celebrity from New York: Lumidee.Last summer, Lumidee dropped "Never Leave You — Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh," which sampled another dancehall track known as the "Diwali riddim" and eventually became a surprise Top 3 Billboard hit. But the unexpected attention revealed Lumidee\'s limited vocal chops, solidifying her status as a one-hit wonder.But whatever similarities appear on the surface, Nina Sky know they have legitimate skills. Co-writing their self-titled debut disc, which was released last month, the sisters want to prove they\'re more than cute girls riding the current wave of dancehall\'s mainstream popularity. Instead, the 14-track collection features \'70s soul vamps ("Your Time"), make-out ballads ("Temperature\'s Rising") and a healthy dose of hip-hop attitude.One Nina Sky song that didn\'t make the album but is making rounds on the mixtape circuit is "Time To Go," featuring a rap by New York City radio jock Angie Martinez. It\'s a you-go-girl rebuttal to the Mario Winans\' hit "I Don\'t Wanna Know" that uses the same Enya sample. Still, don\'t count on Nina Sky to rely on publicity stunts to get noticed. As they insisted over lunch at the Universal Records offices, their goal is good music — not gimmicks.AP: What does the name Nina Sky meanNatalie: The N-I comes from Nicole, the N-A comes from Natalie and the sky is because we\'re really into celestial things. I\'ve always used the sun and the moon to represent us, that balance between night and day. And the sky\'s the limit.AP: How do you feel about the comparisons between you and LumideeNicole: Everybody liked her song. We knew it was out of key. We loved it. We used to say it all the time, "Uh-oh." With one song out now, people will always compare us to Lumidee. As soon as we start with this next single, "Turning Me On," showing people it\'s more than just "Move Ya Body," then it will confirm that Nina Sky is not just a one-hit wonder.AP: What will surprise listeners most when they hear the albumNatalie: That we can really sing. I don\'t think "Move Ya Body" really shows our vocal range.Nicole: Or maybe the lyrics. We have songs on the album like "Surely Missed" that really have a meaning, that evoke emotion and really make you feel something.AP: On much of the record, you talk about relationships gone sour and cheating boyfriends. You sound jaded for being only 18.Nicole: A lot of what\'s written on the album doesn\'t have to be a personal experience. We\'re surrounded by older women who are experiencing these things — our mom, our grandmother, our aunts, our aunt\'s friends. We\'re watching this so it\'s easy to grasp what\'s going on and put it down on paper.AP: How do you feel about love and relationships in general Do you still believe in loveNicole: It doesn\'t make me scared about it. We\'re young. When we\'re faced with a being in a relationship, we\'ll we deal with it then.Natalie: We also have our work to do. So before anything, work comes first, music comes first. We\'ll have time to date and do our thing.AP: What were your musical influences growing up in QueensNatalie: We grew up around all different types of music. Bob Marley was one of our favorite artists. KRS-One, Mary J. Blige, Nirvana was played in the house, Marvin Gaye, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna.Nicole: Our stepfather was a DJ, so he played everything. We take elements from every different type of music that we love to inform the Nina Sky sound.AP: Why aren\'t there more guest appearances on the album I expected at least one rapper.Nicole: Being new in the game, we don\'t want to be loo

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