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Best Books For Aspiring Comedians

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Best Books For Aspiring Comedians

If you want to learn comedy from the best, one of the smartest places to start is with And Here's The Kicker by Mike Sacks, which is a collection of 21 in-depth interviews with some of the best living humor writers around, from Dave Barry to Allison Silverman, to Jack Handey. These interviews are filled with delightful anecdotes that will thrill anyone interested in comedy history, but at the same time they dive deep into matters of craft, from famous comedians' writing processes, to what some of our greatest minds think laughter is all about.

The other required memoir for comedy writers is Tina Fey's Bossypants, which follows the 30 Rock comedian from her childhood to her head writing role at SNL. One of the things that makes the book so great is that it's about comedy, but it also contains a huge number of jokes, too, so you can learn about comedy life while also watching one of our best living comedians at work.

Stand-ups shouldn't just read about stand-up comedy. Comic novels can help you learn tons about joke writing, character, comedic situations, and pacing. One of the best writers to learn from is P.G. Wodehouse, who wrote the timeless series about Wooster and his very patient valet Jeeves. All of the books in the series are extremely funny and fun and fast-moving, but my favorite is The Code of the Woosters. Reading any of the books can help you get into the right mood and mindset to write your own original material. At the very worst, even if you don't get inspired, you get to take in humor from one of the all-time greats.

From probably the most famous and successful comedy nerd out there comes a very big and long book of interviews with famous comedians: Sick In The Head. Like Mike Sacks' books, they offer mountains of advice, ideas, and theories from the people we look up to most, intertwined with stories from their lives and careers. These interviews can be seriously inspiring in moments when you feel like giving up, and they can be hugely insightful if you're stuck on a project or suffering from writer's block.

The Comedians is a pretty straightforward history of comedy in the United States, from roughly 1900 on. In 350 pages, author Kliph Nesteroff takes us from Vaudeville to SNL, offering all of the biggest stories and events from the very best comedians. It's a great overview of how comedy developed over the last hundred years, and a good map to see where we might go next. It's not quite as engaging as the other comedy histories I listed, and at times it feels like a parade of straight white men (which... well, it often was, but that doesn't mean you can't cover other stuff). This is a great reference (it has a wonderful index) and a great way to discover notable comedians of the past that you might not be familiar with.

Whether you want to write comedy, or are a pop-culture nerd, this is a must-read among comedy writing books. NPR voted it one of the best books of the year in 2014. How about a no-pressure quote like this to get you started:

LH: The best thing about cartooning for me is the simpler, the better. All you need is one distinguishing feature. All of my characters look practically identical, except the one that represents me has dark hair, in all my books.

As I read the book, I began taking notes because of all the insights that Martin shares about his life in comedy. Those insights contain valuable lessons, not only for aspiring comedians, but also for anyone who wants to speak well in public.

Many comedians view performing as a skill that can only be learned through experience. That is far from the case. A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama can help aspiring comedians learn the skills needed to better mastery over their bodies and voices to help elevate their comedic performance.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising is a fantastic option for aspiring comedians. It teaches many relevant skills to a comedy career while also preparing students for a viable care

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