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Kitterz Trainer (gMS V62) - God Mode, Fly, Etc. Full Version !LINK!

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Table Of ContentFirst thing first, let me show you the power of hacking. The power of hacking is beyond your imagination. 1.Game Hacking2.Anti hack programs3.Auto Ban Systems 4.Trainers5.Injectors 6. Memory Hacking 7. Cheat Engine (CE) 8. DLL Hacks and Injectors Hacking TerminologyHack Definitions: General StuffCredits First of all, this guide is created for those that have just started their hacking journey in Maplestory.All the information here are contributed at other hacking forums, and I compiled all of the useful information here. This should be the best start-up guide for a beginner hacker in MapleStory. 1.Game HackingGame hacking is the process of editing the games data, memory, etc to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Hackers normally use hacks to gain money faster, level faster and do everything better and abnormally. Hacks can be in different forms, from memory editing to program disassembling to packet editing. There are many different hacks out there.2.Anti hack programsMost online games have anti-hack programs, such as gameguard and hackshield.These programs are embedded into the games and they run in the background. The program will then scan constantly for memory edits within it's range of scanning. If there is a positive that the person is hacking, the hackshield program will send a command the the game to disconnect you.The current version of Maplestory is using hackshield.Hack Shield consists of:EhSvc.dllEhSvc is the Hack Shield interface dllIt communicates between the game client and Hack ShieldIt communicates with the Hack Shield driver (EagleNT.sys)It initiates the hack tool detection engineThis is usually the only file needed to create a workable bypassV3Pro32s.dllThis is the hacking tool detection interface dllThis starts the hacking tool detection engineThis is helps the scanning of known hack signaturesA very important file. This could interrupt the Hack Shield driver if correctly interceptedV3Warp(d)(n)s.v3dThe anti-hacking engine pattern fileNot to sure exactly what this does, but it reads the 3N.mhe fileEagleNT.sysThe Hack Shield kernel driverPerforms anti-hacking functions, protects the game client's process, and hooks certain API's, rendering them uselessIf successfully uninitiated, it could enable the use of many API's and functions such as Read/WriteProcessMemory.3N.mheThe Heuristic engine fileContains the patterns used to search for known hackspsapi.dll The process status helper dllHelps scan process signatures and control process functions Hack Shield Flow Here is a graphical chart explaining how Hack Shield is started:3.Auto Ban Systems By now all Maple Story players are aware of the auto ban. Now i will explain how it really works.Most online games have an auto-ban system that bans the user for hacking. Most of the time, these will ban you for a month, a few weeks or days. Maple story has an auto-ban system, so does many other games, such as Wow, war rock, etc. These can be a pain in the butt. The auto-Ban system works by detecting the values of the game, and if something is abnormal,(as long as it has been coded to ban you for that hack.) it will ban you.First of all Maple Story auto ban works with a file called the protection module.When you enable Maple Story hacks, the protection module detects that some sort of alteration was done to its client files. The protection module will close the game as soon as it detects alteration. This is to prevent the player from using the hack. If the player has a bypass that will shut down the protection module, they will be able to play the game with the hack enabled. This is where the main part of auto ban comes in. Every time you do a hack and use it you are creating unknown movements in the game which will be sent through the game server and once this server verifies that it is indeed unknown movements that means that you have done some alteration towards the game files. After a while having the hack enabled, a message will pop up sa

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