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How To Buy Liability Insurance For Rental Car

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How To Buy Liability Insurance For Rental Car

Rental car insurance is coverage that protects people when they drive a rental car. You can get rental car insurance through your personal insurance policy, from your credit card benefits, or from the rental car company itself. Depending on the policy, rental car insurance may cover damage to the vehicle, damage or injuries that you cause, your own injuries, theft, and loss of personal items.

Rental car insurance is rarely worth it if your personal vehicle is insured and you pay for your rental car with a credit card. You may not have to purchase rental car insurance if you are traveling for business, either.

A collision damage waiver, often referred to as a loss damage waiver, will cover repairs if you cause any damage to your rental car. Coverage may exclude certain parts of the car, such as tires or the windshield, as well as certain causes of damage such as weather or damage while on private property.

Liability insurance covers damage to other vehicles, property and people as a result of accidents you cause when driving your rental car. Note that this does not cover you, your passengers or the rental vehicle itself.

The state minimum levels of liability insurance are included as part of the basic rental fee in almost every state. In these cases, any additional insurance you purchase will at most give you higher coverage limits. There are some exceptions, most notably in California, where rental companies are not required by law to include liability insurance.

Personal accident insurance covers the medical costs for injuries to anyone in your rental vehicle during an accident. Many rental companies in the U.S. include "personal effects" coverage within personal accident insurance.

Homeowners and renters policies usually cover personal possessions when they are outside of the home, including items stolen from a rental car. Though there are often limitations with high-end electronic equipment and cameras, this insurance is usually better than the daily rate coverage the rental company offers. Coverage may be denied if the rental or trip is for business purposes.

No, you do not need insurance to rent a car because rental companies have their own insurance. Rental car companies usually provide minimum liability coverage only, so if you don't have personal insurance, you'll probably want to purchase extra rental car insurance through the rental company. If your personal car is insured and you pay for your rental with a credit card, you can probably skip the optional coverage offered at the rental counter.

You don't have to purchase all of these coverage types to be protected while driving your rental. But minimum liability insurance carried by the rental car company isn't enough protection if you get into an accident.

Before you buy the rental company's insurance, you should consider what coverage you may already have through your personal car insurance. The coverage limits and deductibles you have on your personal vehicle typically still apply to rentals, as long as you're renting for personal use. Many major credit cards also offer coverage for rental cars if you pay with your card and decline the collision damage waiver offered by the rental company.

Rental car liability insurance is coverage that pays for injuries or property damage that you cause in an accident when you are driving a rental car. Rental car liability insurance does not protect you or your rental car from collision damage, car theft, loss of personal effects, or injuries.

In most states, some rental car liability insurance is included with the rental. However, the state-mandated minimum insurance that these cars carry might not be enough to protect you from the financial repercussions of an accident. Because of this minimal coverage, rental companies sell supplemental liability insurance at the counter. Rental car companies also offer other types of coverage like loss damage waivers, roadside assistance, a

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