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PG SKY HDRi Collection

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PG SKY HDRi Collection

there are two licensing arrangements which are available. you can either purchase a license to use the hdri images on your own web site or you can purchase a license to allow you to embed the hdri images on other websites. the license that you purchase is a one-off license for that particular project, it does not entitle you to use the hdri images on any other projects.

the hdri images have been packed into two folders. there is a hdri folder containing all the images including the alpha channel that you will need to create your own alpha channel, and there is a sky folder which contains the sky and the sky texture.

the first step is to create an alpha channel. you can do this either in the hdr pipeline (in 5.3 or later), or in the hdrpipeline.lua file (5.2 or earlier). please note that if you are running v6.5 or earlier you will need to have the latest version of vray hdri for mac.

you need to open the hdri image and save it in the same folder as the sky folder. then you need to open the sky folder and save that as a new vray scene file. in the material editor, under the material option, you will need to change the alpha to the correct value (usually 1.0).

thanks for the nice feedback. i tried to make the sky as simple as possible. i wanted it to be an hdri which, for some people, can produce a dramatic shot. i also wanted it to be versatile. i am currently exploring how to create other hdri skies and my next release will be the hdri moon. i expect this to be a moon because i think it has a much more dramatic effect than the pg1714. i will be doing a tutorial on the moon soon. thanks again for the suggestion, it will be added to the collection. 3d9ccd7d82

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