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Do Re Mi Kikeriki Download [EXCLUSIVE]

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Do Re Mi Kikeriki: How to Listen to a German Rooster Song

Do you know what sound a rooster makes in German It's not cock-a-doodle-doo, but kikeriki. And do you know that there is a song called Do Re Mi Kikeriki that features this sound If you are curious about this catchy tune, here are some ways to listen to it online.

One option is to visit SoundCloud, a platform that lets you stream and download millions of songs for free. You can find a playlist called Do Re Mi Kikeriki Kasette by Stoppersocke[^1^], which contains 12 tracks from a children's audiobook based on the popular Pettersson and Findus books by Sven Nordqvist. The eighth track is the song Do Re Mi Kikeriki, which is a fun and upbeat song that teaches kids how to sing the musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti with the help of a rooster and other farm animals.

Another option is to listen to Do Re Mi Kikeriki Download by Shawn[^2^], which is a single track uploaded by a user on SoundCloud. This track is a short introduction to the song and its origin, followed by a link to download the full song. The user explains that the rooster is a mainstay on farms in many countries, but how does that pesky bird wake people up in Germany The Germans hear it as kikeriki. The user also mentions that ein Hahn is the best way to talk about a rooster in German.

A third option is to stream Do Re Mi - Kikeriki by Stoppersocke[^3^], which is the same song as the one in the playlist, but as a separate track. This way, you can listen to it without having to go through the other tracks in the playlist. You can also comment on it and share it with your friends on SoundCloud.

These are some of the ways you can listen to Do Re Mi Kikeriki online. Whether you want to learn some German words, enjoy some music, or just have some fun, this song is sure to make you smile.If you want to learn more about the song Do Re Mi Kikeriki, here are some interesting facts about it.

The song is based on the book Pettersson kriegt Weihnachtsbesuch by Sven Nordqvist, which was published in 1988. The book tells the story of how Pettersson, an old farmer, and his cat Findus prepare for Christmas with the help of their animal friends. The song is sung by the animals as they decorate the Christmas tree with musical notes.

The song is composed by Dieter Faber and Frank Oberpichler, who are also known for creating music for other children's books and shows, such as Die Sendung mit der Maus, Die Sendung mit dem Elefanten, and Die Olchis.

The song is performed by various voice actors who play the roles of the animals in the audiobook. The rooster is voiced by Stefan Kaminski, who is also a narrator and a theater actor. The other animals include a cow, a pig, a horse, a sheep, a goat, a duck, a hen, and a mouse.

The song is popular among German children and adults alike, as it is catchy, humorous, and educational. It teaches the musical notes in German and English, as well as some animal sounds and names in German. It also has some wordplay and rhymes that make it fun to sing along.

Do Re Mi Kikeriki is a song that celebrates music, friendship, and Christmas. It is a song that can brighten up your day and make you want to sing with a rooster. a474f39169

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