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as the crack in the ionosphere deepens, it becomes a magnetopause and the ionosphere begins to resemble a doughnut. the thickness of the ionosphere decreases as it rises up through the thermosphere and is concentrated at the top of the thermosphere, the exosphere. the exosphere is a thin layer of gases on top of the atmosphere. the top of the thermosphere is thought to be where the boundary between the air and the vacuum of space begins.

scientists estimate that the crack, which is about 16,000 miles (26,000 kilometers) wide, has only been growing since it was first detected in march. it's estimated to have formed in the past few weeks, probably from a sudden increase in solar wind speeds.

the ionosphere reflects radio waves, allowing radio communication on the ground below to be possible. a crack in the ionosphere could allow radio waves from the ground to be reflected back to space, allowing communication to be available for miles around.

the ionosphere acts like a dome and reflects radio waves, letting some of them pass through to space. a crack in the ionosphere that forms over the poles can reflect waves to space. scientists think that the crack is likely to disrupt communications for a large area.

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