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C-Block - Time Is Tickin Away (original)


The evidence most favorable to the employee, supporting the single member's finding, was as follows. Doctor Peter H. Dillard, a neurosurgeon, [Note 4] and an impartial examiner to whom the claimant was referred by the Industrial Accident Board, reported: "apparently . . . deaf in the left ear, and cannot hear normal watch ticking even against the right ear. . . . This hearing loss is apparently total on the left, and appreciably diminished on the right . . . his capacity for the work he was doing at the time of injury is probably nil . . . in the long run his capacity for gainful employment will be modified largely by his ability to compensate for his hearing loss." Doctor Bernard Zonderman, an otologist and also an impartial examiner, found: "During the examination, it was noted the patient was obviously reading the interpreter's lips . . .. Audiograms revealed a profound, almost total, deafness in his left ear and about 80 db loss by aid conduction in his better, right ear. No bone conduction could be ascertained in the left ear and the bone conduction in the right ear was poor . . .. It was my impression from his history and examination that this patient has a profound deafness in the left ear and a severe hearing loss in his better, right ear averaging eighty percent loss of hearing."

Subclasses may override this method for any one-off delayed construction &validation that is necessary prior to ticking the tree. Such construction is bestdone here rather than in __init__ so that trees can be instantiated on the fly foreasy rendering to dot graphs without imposing runtime requirements (e.g. establishinga middleware connection to a sensor or a driver to a serial port). 59ce067264

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