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3 Doors Down - Kryptonite (Official Video)

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In an interview with, bassist Todd Harrell explained that the band's name came from a sign in a building. It was saying about how some office was "doors down," and they added the number three to make it a catchy name.

ok first of all its about a two friends how he takes a walk because he doesn't think his friend is true and he ends up finding out that that friend is true the music video was a lost bet lol so it has no corralition I know I asked the writer soo yah and its like me and my friend I call her kryptonite and she calls me superman we have been friends since pre school btw im in 9th

I believe it's false to say that it just refers to someone 'going crazy' and relying on friendship to pick them back up from their fallen world is in effect of the "dark side of the moon." The lyrics are simply asking if this 'friend' is willing to stick by them to support them when in the toughest of times, or the most successful of times. Rather than focusing on the "crazy" aspect of the song, I like to explore the "alive and well" region of the song that is greatly under-looked in its overall meaning. "If I'm alive and well, will you be there holding my hand" This is the epitome of the meaning of the song. If he is alive and well, will he/she still be there to support him in his time of success, or emote jealousy If his friend is trying to tare him down so they can replace him at the top of the chain (wether it be social, business, etc.) while he is "alive and well," his so-called 'friend' is thus considered his kryptonite because he/she is stripping him from his power or positive emotions. For those of you who haven't a clue what Kryptonite actually is, it is the substance that renders Superman powerless when he comes in close encounters of it. For example, I had a friend that used to be my best ever since the second grade. Now that we are in high school, his has become more socially popular than I have. I could care less about my popularity status, but he is truly no longer my friend because anytime I am successful in something, he strips away the glory of the moment by either making fun of me, or finding something negative about the situation. A specific example is when he offered to introduce me to a girl crush I had a while back. We were making conversation, until he became competitive about the circumstances and started telling her about my negative attributes, rendering me utterly helpless in receiving her positive attention. He is considered my "Kryptonite" in this situation. However, there is no need to worry, because I have gradually become more popular than him (most likely because he is a jerk to everybody and I have become the junior captain of the wrestling team along with three other seniors) and I have trained to achieve farsighted goals for this season, while he is on the basketball team with a 0-12 record so far... And, the girl I liked is starting to come to my matches, and she talks to me everyday. My teammates call me 'Superman', and I have overcome my 'Kryptonite.' 59ce067264

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