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Time For Pray Apk Mod Unlock All

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Quran Majeed is an application that can help its users to have wonderful religious experiences. If you have great faith and faith in Islam, this will be a perfect support application for your basic prayer tasks. Coming to this application, users will be able to pray exceptionally quickly with their devices anywhere, anytime.

Any Muslim will want to have for themselves a person who recites the scriptures with a good voice and is easy to hear. Even for those new to prayer or who have been doing prayer for a long time, having a good recitation will always be a huge advantage. And with this application, it will be possible to provide you with the voices of famous recitations from around the world, such as Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh As Sudays & As Shrym, Mishari Rashid, Saad Al Ghamdi, and many more.

If you are a beginner in prayer, memorizing long texts will seem impossible. So how can beginners find passages in very long texts The application has given its users the ability to search for scriptures with only one word they can memorize to solve this problem in the best way.

To have the most effective prayer sessions, prayer time will also be a factor you cannot ignore. And with this app, you will get a Worldwide Prayer Time (Salah/Namaz) clock with Athan alarm options. The different prayer timing methods that you will apply to your prayer meeting are also included.

In the end, to be able to bring the best prayer application, the interface feature will be an essential feature. Because a good visual and interface experience will help your users get excited about prayer. So the app has also added a lot of different theme modes for you like Green, Classic Green, Night Mode, Blue, Light & Brown to choose from.

You are a Muslim, so Muslim Pocket will be the key to making it easier for you to perform daily tasks along with religious things. You will surely be surprised by such a bright and easy-to-observe design when you set foot here. In addition, besides the luxurious appearance, we also bring you many intelligent features. It can range from providing prayer times to providing an intelligent map of Islam.

Finally, Muslim Pocket is considered a trump card to help you fast more effectively; the time of prayer is also measured more accurately. Every time the month of Ramadan comes, you will be reminded and brought to a system of suggestions related to fasting. Not stopping there, with the azan feature, we will send you extremely quality notifications. Its purpose is to bring many calls to prayer to remind users when they are so busy with life out there that they forget the Islam to which the user belongs.

Athan, the best Islamic app for prayer times, is also the one that has the best features. It includes Mosque Finder to locate the closest mosques and Qibla Locator to determine the Qibla direction Islamic Calendar 2021. This allows you to keep track of Islamic events such as the Hajj Guide and Umrah guide.

Mubarra Ali: Ma Sha ALLAH, amazing app for all Muslims around the world. It has everything in one, I go on it every day and use it to track my prayers too. If you need an app to help with prayers, read Quaran, have greeting cards, see Hajj livestream, and much more, then this is the app for you! I 100% recommend to download. Thank you for reading and ALLAH HAFIZ.

Jolly Begum: Muslim Pro is a very good app .You can do such things as read surahs and completing them,check prayers, look for quibla , you can even find your birthday in the Islamic calendar and daily verses of the Quran to read. Overall I think Muslim Pro is a very good app and it helps you learn more about Islam and Allah and he will love us more.

Islam360 provides tools to help users read the Quran and know the time to pray. They will be able to read the scriptures in different languages and understand their content easily. At the same time, the application also applies the search for keywords in different languages and supports audiobook versions with 12 voices. Ther

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