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Ak1025 Firmware Download

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Ak1025 Firmware Download

ElectronZ80 is an operating system for AK1025(ATJ2091) mp4 family players. It was designed for users who can not any more use their original firmware. It is dedicated to electrical engineers and programmers, but can be used by any one...

If your are not an audiophile and don't care much about audio/video quality, cheap chinese MP3/MP4 players are just for you, these devices are quite popular and just get the job done, since there is no quality control over these devices they do not last long, one of the most common problems faced with these portable players is the issue of firmware software corruption, I encountered a similar problem with my friends PMP which refused to start getting stuck at loading screen, the only solution was to flash the firmware but the problem was unavailability of any information and tools to get the job done, after long research and flashing the firmware I was able to successfully recover the MP4 player to working condition.

it seems that you havent back up your device,go to advanced,click rsv>set working folder>after setting>Click RSV>RSV info>Click A>Get >click B>get B>Click Firmware>Get >Click Firmware>set firmware>click working fo;lder>refresh tree>go back to basic tab>click on isp!!!

I always exercise a cautious method of repairing mp4/mp5 sunplus but this time I am gald that someboby post a method of formatting the firmware,i'm so glad that if you won't mind,please send me a copy of the utilities which I can use of,

i've the cd which came whit it but i did not see any drivers inside, it come with software to convert video, the software(FMR Pro) to change the firmware or update it and a back-up of the firmware. So if anyone have the same pmp and need the cd be free to email me at this address

-i have this type of PMP with this Id; PL24-3052-tjlt8-v1.2-i found the firmware on inder 4share link.-i downloaded it, but i nevre found any driver for the 2 cams.-i 'm looking for: what the hll are these chinese drivers! how can i use them

Hi freinds,these are the steps,just be cool and don't get nervous: 1- go at the bottom of this page, and look for how to download DriverMax.exe 2- after installing it, push the "identify unknown hardware" under "drivers download info" 3- automaticlly, the software will look it self for the drivers of the 2 camera drivers. 4- finally you get the FRM PRO program working, and now i 'm waiting for results.

Please Give me This Device spmp3055A-hl171 cam driver i have also this device in this i want to update my firmware but No Device Detected ! message is coming Please Please Please Help Me my Mail ID is " "

Sir!My mp4 cpu s.n: ATJ2137 za41lfa-55c.please give me the firmware & all necessary software of my camera & LCD.My EmailAddress: Thanks.

i hav a mp4 player and chips are ak1025 and player don't connect to my computer. it only restarts.i can hear the fm radio but when i try to open any music files it says "empty disc" . i can't formate it. it's disc space is always full.

hi friends tell me from where i can download the Image A and B because i am not able to get A image or B image from the player. i have FRM Pro1.2.0 and firmware in *.BIN file. but i do not know what is and where is problem just the thing is A B images.

Anyone out there know where to download games for this china made Sony PSP I accidentally default setting and all games deleted....thank u very much! Plz if u have any info ...thnx again!

hello man i have a china mp4 player but he show a blue window with loding i download your flash player but i don;t know how to use it please brother please and plz you make avideo of who to repair your mp4 player and attach on mp4 flashing player on your site plz brother help me i m very poor person please

Hola que tal mi pregunta es sobre un mp5 creo que es por que contiene camara con marca AIO NEW AUDIO SEGÚN L

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