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VIDEO: Anything For An IPhone, School Girl Goes...


VIDEO: Anything For An IPhone, School Girl Goes...

Most teens text their parents at about the same rates, with about 50% of teens saying they text their parents at least once a day. At the same time, girls and older teens are more likely to text brothers, sisters and other family members than boys and younger teens. One in five girls (20%) and 19% of teens ages 14-17 text their siblings several times a day, while 13% of boys and 11% of middle school-age teens text siblings with that frequency.

In a counterpoint to the youngest boys, girls are more likely than boys to make calls every day or more often to report on their whereabouts, talk about things related to school work or have long, personal conversations. Similarly, older teens ages 14-17 are more likely to say that at least once a day they coordinate meeting someone or discuss location, and are more likely than younger teens to say that they call to discuss school work or have long personal conversations.

Girls who text are more likely to say they primarily text with their parents or guardian than boys, with 22% of girls texting parents compared with 13% of boys. Nearly 84% of boys mostly talk with parents, while three-quarters (73%) of girls say the same. Teens with parents who have less than a high school education or who are Hispanic are also less likely to say they text with parents than those with more education or white teens.

Along the same lines, texting can be used as a buffer. Since there is not synchronous interaction and since it is somewhat more difficult to construct a text (often more so for parents than for teens), teens use text messaging when they have to break bad news or make an uncomfortable request of their parents. A high school girl described this when she said:

Indeed, teens say that they used texting and voice interaction strategically. In those cases where they feel as though they needed to judge the reaction of their conversation partner, voice has an advantage. When using voice they can adjust or fine-tune the exchange as it develops. A middle school girl explained:

In some cases, talking to a single individual is not enough. The teens in the focus groups described using the conference call functionality of the cell phone. Some high school girls described a familiarity and an expertise with this functionality that surpasses that of many other groups in society:

Others said that the style of writing in texts is an issue with their parents. Their parents react to their more stylized writing and ask them to use more traditional formulations. A high school girl commented:

Teen boys as well as older teen girls (ages 14-17) are more likely to report daily face-to-face social interaction than are younger teen girls (ages 12 -13). Some 35% of the teen boys and 36% of the older teen girls report daily face-to-face interaction outside of school. By contrast, only 22% of the younger teen girls report the same. Interestingly, internet users are also more active than non-internet users in face-to-face interaction: 34% of those who use the internet report daily face-to-face interaction, while only 18% of those who do not use the internet reported the same.

BAYVILLE, N.J. -- The father of a 14-year-old girl who took her own life last week, days after being bullied at school, says if the district had taken action sooner, his daughter might be alive.

An hour before this story aired, a parent of one of the cheerleaders contacted our Channel 7 newsroom and claimed all of the girls involved were kicked off the squad. KATV was not able to confirm this because the school district's spokeswoman said they cannot comment on that matter.

By Shubhi Mishra: If you are searching for something to put a smile on your face, please stop as we have the perfect video with us. So, a clip of a little school girl's energetic dance performance on Saami Saami has gone viral online. And, it is all things epic!

The now-viral video was shared by a user named Sabita Chandra on

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