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Amagami Game For Pc 16

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since i am considering every episode of the series as a standalone experience, i started with the 1st arc. i figured since it starts where the series actually continues, it would be best to review it first. if you have not watched this arc, you would notice that the opening sequence tells the entire story of arc 1 in a short cutscene. i assume that's intentional because the show is self-contained. the only issue i have with this is that it makes it hard to understand what the point of the entire episode is and it actually feels like a huge waste of time. on top of that, the main love interest of the show is introduced here.

the 2nd arc picks up right where the 1st one ends, and the biggest difference is that now you get to understand what the hell just happened because now we are in the "regular" world. while ill be giving a short overview of this arc, it will be expressed in terms of the emotions that the characters go through. so, you can get an idea of what this arc is about by just watching the events in this arc unfold. the most noticeable change in this arc is the way the story plays out, which is way more focused on character development and angst than other arcs. the major side character from arc 1 is confirmed to be an antagonist here. the arc also introduced us to the first arc's protagonist nino; she has become a bit more explorable in this arc, and its a lot more fun to watch. she really is the driving force in this arc.

the 3rd arc is also the last arc that played like its own story. while the previous 2 arcs were very much about the characters and their relationships, the main story of this arc revolves around a single purpose: nino's death. i'm honestly tired of this arc and of how it played out, but i'm playing devil's advocate for this review. if you have not watched this arc, you would notice how this arc is really about the past, the present and the future. if you have watched it, you might wanna skip it because its all about 90's references. the major story arc here is the awakening of the void. it's still not perfect though, the story just feels a little tacked on. the preview of the next season, which is supposed to be about the void, also shows them solving the next real crisis that the story struggles with, which is the black out in the world. i personally think that the premiere episode of the season will be waaaaaaay better than this episode. 3d9ccd7d82

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