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FolderHighlight 2.6.6

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FolderHighlight 2.6.6

FolderHighlight is really easy to use, you have only to open it up to start changing the colors of your folders. FolderHighlight allows you to change the color of any folder icon with ease and gives you a clean interface to work with. You can quickly click on the first folder on the list and FolderHighlight will instantly display the first folder that will be treated. You can then customize the colors of the folder or all of the folders on the list.

FolderHighlight is a useful tool to keep the private data of your folders from being visible by the others. Using FolderHighlight you will be able to change the color of any of your folders to make them easy to identify and distinguish from the other folders. You'll be able to choose between different colors for your folders, making it easy for other users to recognize that this folder has private data.

FolderHighlight makes it easy to make any of the folders on your computer invisible by applying different colors to the icons. If you want to lock some of your folders in a way that they will be recognized and they will still be able to be accessed when required, then FolderHighlight is the ideal tool for the job.

FolderHighlight is a useful tool for hiding or changing colors of folders and their icons. You can highlight folders with a desired color and thus they will be easy to recognize. You can change the color of any of your icons, all of the icons, or entire folders at once, as well as change the background color of your computer to show a desired look.

FolderHighlight is a very handy tool for organizing your folders. You can easily change the color of any of your folders on your computer with this software. You can select individual folders, or all of them at once to change the color of them with just a few mouse clicks. You can apply different colors to each of the folders, as well as select the background color for your computer to match your system look. 3d9ccd7d82

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