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Vip Plugin Cs 1.6l High Quality

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How to Install and Use Vip Plugin Cs 1.6l on Your Counter-Strike Server

Vip Plugin Cs 1.6l is a plugin for Counter-Strike 1.6 servers that run on amxmodx. It gives special privileges to selected users, such as free weapons, armor, grenades, money, health, bullet damage and more. It also allows them to buy AWP, access the admin chat and reserve slots. In this article, we will show you how to install and use this plugin on your server.

Step 1: Download the plugin files

The first thing you need to do is to download the plugin files from this link: You will get a zip file containing two files: vip.txt and VIP.amxx. You need to extract them to your server's folder.

Step 2: Copy the files to the right folders

Next, you need to copy the vip.txt file to the addons/amxmodx/data/lang folder and the VIP.amxx file to the addons/amxmodx/plugins folder. These are the folders where amxmodx stores its language files and plugins.

Step 3: Edit the plugins.ini file

Now you need to open the plugins.ini file located at addons/amxmodx/configs and add on a new line VIP.amxx. This will tell amxmodx to load the plugin when the server starts.

Step 4: Restart your server

The last step is to restart your server so that the plugin can take effect. You can do this by typing restart in the console or by using a server control panel.

Step 5: Enjoy the plugin

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and activated the Vip Plugin Cs 1.6l on your server. Now you can assign VIP privileges to any user by typing amx_vipmenu in the console or by using a menu command. You can also customize the plugin settings by editing the cvars in the VIP.amxx file or by using commands in the console.

Some of the cvars and commands you can use are:

bullet_damage 0/1 - enables or disables bullet damage display

amx_vip_hp - sets how much health a VIP user gets per normal kill

amx_vip_hp_hs - sets how much health a VIP user gets per headshot kill

amx_vip_max_hp - sets the maximum health a VIP user can have

money_per_damage - sets how much money a VIP user gets per damage dealt

money_kill_bonus - sets how much money a VIP user gets per normal kill

money_hs_bonus - sets how much money a VIP user gets per headshot kill

menu_active 0/1 - enables or disables the special weapon menu for VIP users

awp_active 0/1 - enables or disables the ability for VIP users to buy AWP

amx_vipmenu - opens the VIP menu where you can assign or remove VIP privileges from users

amx_addvip - adds VIP privileges to one or more users for a specified time or permanently

amx_removevip - removes VIP privileges from one or more users

amx_listvips - shows a list of all current VIP users and their remaining time

We hope you enjoy using this plugin and have fun playing Counter-Strike 1.6 with your friends 9160f4acd4

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