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Dragon Age Inquisition Romance Mods _BEST_

Dragon Age Inquisition Romance Mods -

Dragon Age: Inquisition romance mods are pretty common by now, and to be honest I really wanted to post about this one so I could share the terrific joke quoted above, as well as the name of the mod: Bi-lackwall.

DA2 new romances/recruitmentsReplace Dog - with abomination, arcane horror, Arishok, Bethany, blood mage, Carver, Cassandra, Dalish wwordswoman, darkspawn emissary, desire demon, dragon, dragonling, Gamlen, guardsman, hurlock bolter, hurlock warrior, Leliana, Merc assassin, ogre, pride demon, profane, Qunari captain, Qunari mage, Qunari warrior, rage demon, revenant, rock wraith, shade, shadow assassin, shadow warrior, skeleton archer, spider, stone golem, Templar, Templar hunter, Warden rogueReplace Dog II - with Anders, Aveline, Bethany, Carver, Fenris, Isabela, Merrill, Sebastian, Tallis and Varric; Alistair; Arlange; Athenril; Bodahn; Cahir; Cassandra; Charade; Corypheus; Cullen; Donnic; Elsa; Flemeth; Gerav; Grace; Harlequin; Idunna; Jan; Janeka; Jethann; Keran; Leandra; Leliana; Lia; Meredith; Nathaniel; Norah; Orana; Orsino; Prosper; Qunari as follows: Arishok, Saarebas, Salit, Sten, Talvashoth; Sandal; Teagan; Variel; Zevran; Genlock (alpha and trooper), Hurlock (alpha, bolter, emissary, trooper), Ogre, Shriek; Deepstalker; Demons as follows: Abomination, Desire, Prides, Rage, Shade; Dog; Dragons as follows: Dragon, Dragonling, High Dragon, Mature Dragon; Gate Guardian; Ghasts (mage and warrior); Leopolds (rider and solo); Profanes; Rock Wraith; Thaddeus; Undead as follows: Arcane Horror, Corpses (archer and trooper), Harvesters (full and head), Revenant; Wyverns (alpha and stunless); VarterralAdditional Companions - Alistair, Anomen, Anora, arcane horror, Arishok, Arlange, Athenril, Bella, Bertrand, Bethany, Cahir, Cailan, Carver, Cassandra, Charade, Connor, Corypheus, Cullen, Cyril de Montfort, desire demon, Donnic, Drizzt, Dulci de Launcet, Duncan, Arl Eamon, Elminster, Grand Cleric Elthina, Enzo, Flemeth, Gerav, Harlequin, Imoen, Isolde, Janeka, Jaspel, Jowan, Kaitlyn, Karl, Keldorn, Ketojan, Kiran, Kyrie, Larius, Leliana, Lilley, Lillith, Loghain, Maraas, Mazzy, Meredith, Morrigan, Mother, zombie!Mother, Nathaniel, Orsino, Sister Petrice, Prosper, Pryce, Qunari Sten, Qunari, revenant, Salit, Sandal, mage!Sandal, Sarrevok, Scarlet, Shale, skeletal horror, Sophia Dryden, DAO Sten, Stroud, Tallis, Tal-Vashoth, Tamlen, Teagan, Valygar, Viconia, Victoria, Wesley, Wynne, young!Wynne, ZevranSwap Companions - Replaces main party with Orsino, Cassandra, Carver, Leliana, Bethany, Nathaniel, and Sandal; sends original party to the RoseRomance Bethany Additional Companion SlotRescue Carver/Bethany from Lothering Save Mother

In the end, the entire function of mods is to bring a new experience to a video game. Just as music attempts to shape ideas into sound and art puts ideas into a visual representation, video games attempt to distill a unique form of experience all their own. Those who seek to alter that experience are just as much creators as any other who seeks to alter a previously existing work. People changing fiction based on their individual ideas never can change an original work (although it may influence later iterations,) and these mods are no different. Whether someone decides to use them is entirely a decision afforded to them, just as it was the decision of the programmer to create the mod in the first place. No matter what changes an individual may apply to their game, dragons in Skyrim will always be dragons, and Solas will always be a heartbreaking asshole. 1e1e36bf2d

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